The Reach Darkscape task is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Dang! The Army decided to whipe out the Monolithians from the factory! You should get the hell out of there now! Try to steal some means of transport!
- Oleg Gusarov, PDA newsfeed from "stable_storyline_info_darkvalley.xml"


  • The player may safely remove the Document from the base commander's office.
  • This triggers the Reach Darkscape two-part mission.
  • Unsurprisingly, entering Darkscape concludes the mission.


  • Picking up the Document also triggers a Military raid on the Monolith Base, during which the player is advised to keep a low profile.
  • The military strike force is heavily outgunned but may advance as far as the player's location in the office, certainly there is the risk of a blast from a grenade thrown by either side.
  • The player is supposed to acquire the local Lada Niva Hospital Service deathtrap, which precipitates a helicopter attack targeting the player this time; and attempt to evade this helicopter chase by driving to, and through, the Level transfer point.
  • The heli attack is only spawned by the taking of the vehicle, so there is plenty of time for looting/arbitrage as noted in the trivia section.
  • Since the mission is concluded by the player actually reaching Darkscape, it is quite possible to satisfy the mission requirements by traveling on foot.
  • There are a few consequences if the player opts for this less frantic solution:
  1. The gate to Darkscape will remain locked.
  2. It will be necessary to "jump the fence" to the west of the gate to cross the transition.
  3. The Free the Dutyer from prison task given by Petrenko as the player drives towards the gate will not be given. Instead, the player will acquire this mission on returning to the Valley from Darkscape and driving through the trigger zone on the Valley side of the gate (probably in a different vehicle)
  • If the player casts caution to the wind and elects to drive the indicated vehicle, they should note that its handling characteristics are severely compromised.
  • The suspension is defective and the torsion bars are faulty resulting in excessively poor cornering.
  • It is also fragile and not very resistant to 'head-ons' with solid objects.


  • There is no actual pressure to leave the Monolith Base so the player might wish to arbitrage the loot from the dead Military task force.
  • All of the Monolithians have a minimum of 5000 Ru.