The Repair kit is a device featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Screwdrivers, pincers, screws, grindstone... all you need in a small and compact repair kit.
- Inventory description


  • Pretty self explanatory, used to repair weaponry.


  • Found in a few stashes.
  • Available from Traders at double the price.
  • Only repairs Akm 74/2 rifles.
  • Salvages better parts from entered weapons to repair worn out weapons.
  • Works three times - and then 'evaporates' from the player's inventory.
  • As of DC 1.4005 Repairs most weapons.


  • For how long the player will be using an entry level rifle, it is generally not worth buying this device.
  • Since items that this device scavenges from subsequently disappear from the game, it might be more realistic to sell such weaponry to local NPCs if the chance presents itself.
  • Keeping, rather than recycling the better weapon is also a consideration.
  • Repairing an AK through a Technician is also pretty cheap anyway and it may be upgraded at the same time. Or even upgraded to simply gain the repair for free.
  • The kit can not be flipped over, it is always 'right-side' up.