Research Institute: South is a minor location in Agroprom Institute in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Overview Edit

  • This area is identical minus 1 or 2 aesthetic/anomaly changes to its retail counterpart.
  • The player will need to come here to find the military documents.
  • It is populated with around 15 soldiers.
  • Some unusable vehicles can be found in the car park and outside the complex.

Storyline Edit

  • After the player has been and talked to Ratcatcher, they will be directed to head to the Research Institute: South complex located in the bottom left hand corner of the map, starting the next portion of the main mission chain.

Find the militaries' documents Edit

  1. Steal the military documents
  2. Take the documents to the Barkeep

Steal the military documents Edit

  • Navigating inside which ever way the player chooses, they must reach the third floor (either by stealth or brute force) obtain the documents and head out.
  • (Note: The north and east gates are possible options, as well as the underground entrances (originally retail's exit))
  • When the player goes inside the central building, they will have the choice of heading either left or right up 2 identical flights of stairs to the third floor.
  • (Note: 2 soldiers patrol on each of the 3 floors, caution is advised when when sneaking or using brute force)
  • Once the player reaches the third floor, they will find the Military documents resting on a table on some shelves (located in the north west corner of the cubicle room). Once they have been picked up, the player will be prompted to take them to Barkeep.

Take the documents to the Barkeep Edit

  • Head back outside the building and make a break back to the Garbage entrance, avoiding (or intercepting) the military patrols along the roads.
  • Once back in Garbage, head to the top right hand corner of the map to the Duty Checkpoint
  • §Note: To the left of the road (in amongst some concrete slabs) there is a Blind/pseudo-dog pack laying in wait for the player, as well as 2 Chimeras just down the hill from them. Use caution while running back through this area of Garbage)
  • When you reach the top quarter of the map, the player will receive a radio message from the Warrant Officer at the Duty Checkpoint, asking the player for help in the side mission "Help the Duty checkpoint".
  • Continue heading to the top right hand corner, make sure all gear is equipped and get ready to either fight the Boars (or simply let the Duty guards take care of it).

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