Respond to the call for help is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

I got your message. What's the problem?
- Marked One
There's this sniper positioned on the bridge up ahead and he keeps shooting down anyone that passes by. Bastard's good too - he doesn't miss.
- Bes

Overview Edit

  • This mission will be given automatically to the player when they enter Bes' PDA range in Garbage for the first time.
  • All that is required is to present yourself to Bes and enter into dialogue to conclude the mission.

Offer your help to Bes: Edit

  • The player will need to talk to Bes once the mission activates.
  • Head up the road to until you reach the crane then head west, down into the small junk pile.
  • Bes is located at the back standing in front of a doorway.
  • Talking to him ends the mission.


  • Bes will remain in place until the subsequent mission is concluded, and then depart from the area with his small group, initially to the Green House and later to a small camp slightly south of the viaduct.


  • (Obviously the target is to be met and not eliminated)
  • The small underground is not accessible until the subsequent mission is concluded.

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