Restore power is a storyline task that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • This is a three-part mission that involves some walking around on the first sub-level of the Warlab.


  • All three targets are marked, with the priority target ringed with a broken white circle to ease identification.
  • Initially the target is a Liquid Fuel can which then needs moving to the generator's feed pipe. Finally, throwing the switch will end the mission.
  • There are many distractions for the player that are encountered during the completion of this mission. Various cutscene flashbacks (one is unavoidable) may spawn depending upon location. There are the Rats and Zombies running interference and even a Karlik if the player wanders within trigger range.


  • For this, and all Warlab missions, the player may safely remove any nagging detectors from the belt.