Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Retrieve the lost rifle. is an optional storyline side mission appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha mod.

Hey! I need some help please brother... I was out searching for artifacts and all of a sudden realized I stumbled right into the middle of a Bloodsucker den! I dropped my shooter and ran; I never wantto go back there. Can you help me and go into the underground and get my shooter back brother?
- Oleg Rugov, mission brief part 1.

For sure brother! Oh hey, one other thing... I got this off the dead body of some scientist in that area. It looks like some kind of scent blocker! Maybe if you put this on, the bloodsuckers won't attack you, unless you shoot one I guess. I didn't have time to try it, but I am way too scared to even go back there, even with this stuff! Not sure how long this stuff will last so it's best to run.
- Oleg Rugov, mission brief part 2.


  • This NPC spawns as the Get wire for the scientist task is activated.
  • He is located at the entrance to the Yantar underground and will remain there until the mission is completed. Starting with v1.4005 he has relocated to the culvert under the Ex-Military Structure.
  • The mission is optional.
  • Oleg Rugov will offer the player a "vile" of Pheromones which, if used, will keep the Bloodsucker den pacified while the objective is achieved.
  • The Pheromones do not have to be used, but will not have a similar effect if used later in the game (i.e. - they do not work in the Sarcophagus)
  • On return with the target item, the player exchanges it for a SEVA suit and Oleg Rugov leaves the game.


  • It is not compulsory to use the Pheromones, but they do help as advertised.
  • If they are not used, then there are several tactics that may help with the retirement of the camp.
  • There are eight Bloodsuckers.
  • None provide body parts (v1.3003) but this is not always the case in subsequent releases.
  • The bloodsuckers are "gulaged" and do not come out into the storeroom, so they may be picked off gradually.
  • Dashing in usually proves to be quickly fatal, but there is a recess in the rubble that the player may squeeze into from which the bloodsuckers have difficulty attacking and provides good cover from which to pick off the group.
  • Dashing in, lobbing an F1 Grenade through the rubble before taking shelter under it, is also a possible opening strategy.
  • Sakharov often sells the Chaser 13 - which Father Diodor (if alive) will modify if desired - which is ideal for dispatching the opposition. Alternatively, if suitably protected by rubble, any pistol will suffice.