Return to Voronin

Final debriefing.

Quest type


Given by

Find the disc with
intelligence information


Talk with the scientist


Already given on completion
of previous tasks.

Time limit



Return to Voronin is a storyline mission appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha mod and will only be given if the player has joined Duty.

Exceptional Major! You not only got what we needed, but also helped us give Sin a false sense of security! You've earned my praise,I am proud of you. And for that, I bestow upon you a special weapon! Ivancov is waiting for you. By the way, Sid said the Ecos in Yantar need help with something, go see if you can help them.
- Voronin, final debriefing


  • The final debriefing from Voronin links the Duty mission-chain back to the orthodox mission-chain by sending the player off to see Sakharov in Yantar in order to Talk with the scientist.
  • Despite the promise of a "super-weapon", Ivancov comes up empty (see Gallery)


  • Voronin doesn't need the player for a while:
Not now, my friend. Duty has no troubles as of now, and we have you to thank for that, Major!
- Voronin
  • It should be noted that the player is not sent at any stage for service at Rostok Factory.
  • In order to gain some elements for the Follow the signal alternative endings, a visit there would be necessary.


  • Possibly the "super-weapon" that was 'promised' was cut from the game.


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