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East facing shot of the Road Tunnel entrance
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The Road Tunnel is a minor location found in Cordon, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Overview Edit

  • The tunnel is pulled from an earlier build, being slightly wider and different contents inside.
  • The player will need to come here to talk to Petruha before assaulting the Old Factory either with or without the assistance of his gang.
  • The tunnel is full of cargo containers and crates, obscuring both entrances into it. 2 un-useable vehicles are parked in the western entrance, (a UAZ Jeep and an AVTO TR40 Tractor) as well as 2 anomalies (A vine and a Witches' Jelly) in the eastern entrance.
  • The first entrance to the Underground Tunnel System can also be found here.

Storyline Edit

Side Missions Edit

Notes Edit

  • The player cannot gain access to the Underground Tunnel System until Petruha has moved to the Old Factory and Wolf has given the side-mission to the player concerning the missing Wagon Key.
  • The location will also host Nimble in the Developer's Cut (v1.4002+) wherein he needs to be initially rescued from the underground, and later on escorted to Rookie Village on matters of business.

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