The Rookie Village is a minor location found in Cordon, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Overview Edit

  • This version of the village is quite different from the retail release. The houses and underground rooms are much more like the earlier village builds, as well as having very dense vegetation now.
  • The player now also starts down in a new room in Sidorovich's bunker.
  • The village consists of five houses (two of them destroyed), three underground rooms and a barn with an unuseable ZAZ-965.

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Notable Loot Edit

  • Numerous food/drink items can be found in the houses around the village.
  • Item List for right hand side houses (as if looking from Sidorovich's Bunker):
  1. Wooden House: Nothing
  2. Wooden Barn: Nothing
  3. Pale Green House: Chmielnitskoe Beer x1 (below stair case), Tourist's Delight x1 (on shelf), Mineral Water x1, Pripyat Beer x1 and Permanent Meal x1 (upstairs).
  • Item list for left hand side houses:
  1. Destroyed White Brick House: Nothing
  2. Underground Room #1: Nothing (but Fox will be located here once you have rescued him).
  3. Underground Room #2: Permanent Meal x1 and Cossacks Vodka x1.
  4. Red Brick Building: Canned Corn x1 (in kitchen), Mineral Water x1 and Bread x1 (in back most destructible box), Medkit x2, Tourist's Delight x6, Bread x2 and Kolbasa x2 (in basement).
  5. Destroyed Red Brick Building: Nothing
  6. Underground Room #3: Canned Corn x1, Tourist's Delight x1 and Kolbasa x1 (in first destructible box).

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