Run-in at the old mine is part of a Side Missions introduced to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

There's info that bandits scouted by bandits. Voronin: " Eliminate these scouts and take all the storage devics. First, take care of their snipers and then get rid of the rest. Don't forget about their leader.".
- PDA description


This Side Missions consist of six sub-tasks. Some are hidden at first, only the sub-tasks listed with * will be shown at first.
  • Wipe out the bandit base.*
  • Kill the snipers.*
  • Get rid of the rest
  • Kill the leader
  • Take all the devices
  • Bring everything to Voronin.*

Wipe out the bandit baseEdit

Kill the snipersEdit

  • Two snipers can be found on top of the first large building in the compound.
  • The player can use the ladder to get up there if desired.

Get rid of the restEdit

  • Clear out the rest of the bandits in the compound.
  • 2 can be found in the mines.
  • 2-3 can be found roaming the compound. Sometimes one will stay in the area underneath (six breakable boxes here) the sniper building
  • Occasionally 1 will be spawned outside of the compound near the mine entrance. See picture.

Kill the leaderEdit

  • The door to the leader will now be unlocked.
  • Located in the building with the mine shaft elevator. There is an anomaly protecting the elevator.

Take all the devicesEdit

Bring everything to VoroninEdit

  • Self-explanatory.


  • After taking all devices the player is in for a surprise meeting outside. Do yourself a favor and save as there are some visual bugs that can be encountered. I.E.: Not being able to see NPC's through the open hatch-way. See picture called shadow beings. *** Might not be an issue on static-lighting.
  • Recommended to do this at the same time as Find the documents (Forest). So, the player doesn't have to backtrack.