This suit was produced by one of Kiev's defence research institutes and represents an excellent alternative to stalker hand-made suits. It is an excellent combination of an bulletproof vest, a closed cycle breathing system and an integrated system of anomalous field suppression. Due to the perfect choice of the materials, it is a good choice. The only disadvantage is its price.
- PDA description


  • A very nice high grade suit which protects the wearer from the majority of hazards in the Lost Alpha Zone.
  • In keeping with all suits there is no protection against psy attack.
  • Weighs a fairly hefty 9kg with no possibility for weight reduction.


  • The SEVA suit may be acquired as a reward for offering assistance in Yantar.
  • A SEVA suit may also be found in a stash in Yantar underground, but the coordinates are not always easily obtained.
  • It is also found in one relatively remote building in Pripyat at roughly the same latitude as the Monolith HQ.
  • One piece can be bought from Deedee.


A0 Section

  • 2nd Generation PNV - A better night vision device, designed for operations in complete darkness. - 3,000RU

A1 Section

  • "Environmentalist" polymer overalls with bismuth inserts. - A protective suit, created from next generation polymers, with bismuth inserts. - chemical_burn_protection = 0.77, burn_protection = 0.84 - 3,200RU

A2 Section

  • Internal rubberised fabric layer - This lining will protect the body in the event that the main suit becomes ruptured. - wound_protection = 0.6 - 38,000RU


  • Currently with patch ver 1.3003 the upgrade and repair menu pictures the green SSP-99M suit.
  • A workaround for patched versions of the Lost Alpha may be found here.


Seva armor