• As mentioned on the CNPP page, the entrance to the Sarcophagus differs from the Base Game.
  • Effectively, entrance is gained by the 'out door' featured in the Base Game that the player is ejected from after confronting the C-Consciousness.


  • A door code is required to open the door itself.
  • The grounds of the CNPP are not lethally radioactive but bear more resemblance to real life emissions.
  • The door is guarded by around a dozen Monolith crack troops armed with GP 37 or RPG-7u weaponry.
  • There is an option to assist the Military in rooting them out, or the player can 'go it alone' and find his/her own way to the door.



  • Quiet approaches to the door are possible (but not foolproof) and the door code should be entered swiftly before the defenders become aware of the situation.
  • Close the door after entering.
  • A small anteroom leads to a set of stairs down to the level transition to the Sarcophagus.


  • There is no immediate need for radiation protection.
  • There are no Paramilitaries (Monolith) inside the level.
  • There are a few Rats and several Zombies wandering around.
  • The Comet anomaly that patrols the corridors is more for show and doesn't harm the player.
  • Proceeding around the corridors in a manner that retraces upon itself will lead to the control-room door. Enter and close it afterwards. (This helps prevent the door from being inoperable later on)
  • A small cutscene is triggered giving clues concerning the player's tasks here.
  • After killing the Bloodsucker the player is tasked with restoring power in order to activate the control-room computer so that the codes may be downloaded for deactivating the Generators later on.
  • From the point of leaving the control-room by the furthest door, the appearance of the level will be eerily similar to the Sarcophagus of the Base Game.
  • A couple of small cutscenes set the tone for the player to climb the stairwell and retrieve the battery from a case on top of the ruined reactor.
  • There is a Burer, several Karliks and a few Zombies on the upper level; with a "fall" of paramilitary corpses after the Burer is taken out. These bodies are often a useful source of stash coordinates or useful high value loot.
  • Climbing the stairwell also triggers the Follow monolith call game ending optional mission. This will be failed if the player leaves the Sarcophagus before completing it.
  • With the Power battery secured, it is necessary to deliver it to the equipment bay seen in the first cutscene earlier.
  • Note that re-entering the control-room will trigger a longer cutscene and spawn 6-8 Zombies immediately afterward. It helps to drop off any heavy loot before entering.
  • After restoring power, obtaining the Generators doc from the computer and dealing with the zombies, the player may exit the level.


  • There is another code door with a considerable amount of booty behind it. Strictly speaking, the player should obtain some information regarding this from the Snitch.
  • Completing the side-quest itself can be arduous.