Save Mole is a main plot storyline mission that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod, in the Agroprom Institute

Mole: 'Help me. I'm gonna get killed!'
- Detailed task information

Overview Edit

  • Whether or not the player saves the various NPC loners in factory, when all the militaries are dead in initial phase of this minor location, a new pop-up in HUD reads to Save Mole. This means, the player must go around to left half of the factory in order to shoot the army soldiers (about 5-6) in yard that's in front of the building where Mole hides from all this action.
  • After all the militaries are dead, player listens to Mole ramble for a minute and then follows him to the hole leading into Agroprom Underground, so that player can listen to him ramble some more.
  • At this point, this task is completed, but the player must still speak with Mole to obtain the Find Strelok's flash mission leg.

Notes Edit

  • When the player first arrives at factory, the Loners may actually overcome military themselves with little help. However, the player is still credited with completing of the missions for both Help the stalkers and Save Mole.


  • The above and below sections of the Agroprom map are no longer separate levels.
  • After Mole is saved, he and any surviving random NPCs relocate to railway tunnel, which is clear of the gravity anomalies found in vanilla game.