The Scientists PDAs are featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Personal Digital Assistant - Indispensable in the Zone.
- Inventory description, PDA #1

In this pda mentioned a customer, who ordered expedition to this lab and his contact details through gps encrypted mobile, but it's quite hard to trace who has this number.
- Inventory description, PDA #2


  • There are two of these items.
  • These items of curiosity are coded as non quest items into the gamefiles as part of the collection of miscellanea in "quest_items.ltx".
  • The flag that specifies whether they are to be used as current quest items is set to 'false' thereby disabling them in this capacity.
  • This may change in future releases (valid for 1.3003)
  • The first PDA is found on the body of one of the Ecologists in Lab X14, while the other sits on the computer workstation shelf near the third Bloodsucker.
  • The second PDA has a wide activation radius for detection by the player.
  • There is also a non-functional flash drive nearby that is as unresponsive as the defunct PC. These are just furniture items.


  • The information given by PDA #2 is a 'red herring', it plays no obvious part in the storyline.
  • It does however credit the player with one of the 'enlghtered' infoportions.
  • Collecting the item will give the player "enlightered_docs3".