Sid' in his bunker.
Lost Alpha
Rank Weak
Reputation Neutral
Affiliation Trader
More info
Equipment He is a trader, he has all the equipment.
Status Alive

Sidorovich is a major character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

One of the Zone's most prominent traders. Ever since his youth, from school backyards to correctional institutes, he has had the uncanny ability to set up successful, self-sustaining markets. When the Zone emerged, he came here and created the black market of artifacts as it is known today. Even mercenaries deem him untouchable and fear his wrath.
- PDA contact biography


  • He is known throughout the Zone and the underground market for being the only reliable connection to the zone of alienation from the outside world. He achieves this with the help of the army inside the Cordon. There is a common saying amongst Stalkers that if Sidorovich can't complete your shopping list, no one in the Zone can.
  • Sidorovich was one of the first people to enter the Zone, arriving in 2007 [1]. He conducts all of his business in an underground bunker located in the Cordon, near the rookie village. He handles nearly all of his business in the bunker, saying that he's not the fighting type and won't survive long outside.


Lost Alpha Edit

He is the local trader and he is the leader of an enormous trade network trough the whole zone.

Missions Given in the Lost AlphaEdit

After the Factory is cleared:

Will also be offered.

If the player has spoken to Seriy:

May also be offered.

Notes Edit


  • Of all of the members of the small Trader faction, only Sidorovich can have his contact biography accessed.
  • In that bio, his rank is quoted as "weak".


  1. In his own words at LA. Tells when player asks him about his story.


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