Sometimes, finding a black cat in a coal cellar is easier.

General Characteristics
Parent Anomaly

Witches' Jelly



Lost Alpha


LA Protect Icon Bleed


LA Protect Icon Fire


Chemical Burn
LA Protect Icon Chemburn


Best Price

2500 Ru


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Formed by the Stew anomaly. The negative qualities of this artifact are compensated by the fact that it heightens the coagulation qualities of blood. It's not often that one runs into such an artifact, and they pay well for it too.
- Encyclopedia entry


  • Not easy to spot in some cases due to its gelatinous nature and low sparkle.
  • Often found in the wild near its parent anomaly.
  • Still useful for stemming bleeding but much less so than in the Base Game.
  • Tons can be found in the Agroprom Undergrounds.

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