Stalker suit manufactured by "folk craftsmen". It is an effective combination of a light military bulletproof vest and of a rubberized fabric suit. It is reinforced with inserted kevlar plates and provides good protection from weak gunfire. All in all it is highly inefficient for carrying out deep raids and serious operations in the knots of the Zone.
- PDA description


  • A welcome alternative to Leather jackets and Bandit jackets early in the game, the only downside being the 8kg mass of the suit.
  • Protection characteristics are slightly superior to the model seen in the Base Game.


(v1.3003 data)

A0 Section

  • 1st Generation PNV - A night vision device which allows you to operate at night or in low light conditions. - 860RU

A1 Section

  • Magnesium inserts - Magnesium inserts protect from extremely high temperatures. - burn_protection = 0.6 - 1,000RU

A2 Section

  • Internal rubberised fabric layer - This lining will protect the body in the event that the main suit becomes ruptured. - wound_protection = 0.5 - 1,250RU


  • The v1.3003 gamefiles specify a 5.0kg version of this suit with slightly reduced burn, strike and wound characteristics for a base price of 13,000RU.
  • Presumably this is the 'Sunrise Suit' that appeared in the retail game.
  • If the player wears no armor at all, this will become the players in game suit for third-person. While the inventory icon shows the wool sweater.
  • Can be bought from Barkeep and Ugrymiy.