The Stalker suit is an armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Stalker suit manufactured by "folk craftsmen". It is an effective combination of a light military bulletproof vest and of a rubberized fabric suit. It is reinforced with inserted kevlar plates and provides good protection from weak gunfire. All in all it is highly inefficient for carrying out deep raids and serious operations in the knots of the Zone.
- PDA description


  • A welcome alternative to Leather jackets and Bandit jackets early in the game, the only downside being the mass of the suit.
  • Protection characteristics are slightly superior to the model seen in the Base Game.


Lost AlphaEdit

(v1.3003 data)

A0 Section

  • 1st Generation PNV - A night vision device which allows you to operate at night or in low light conditions. - 860RU

A1 Section

  • Magnesium inserts - Magnesium inserts protect from extremely high temperatures. - burn_protection = 0.6 - 1,000RU

A2 Section

  • Internal rubberised fabric layer - This lining will protect the body in the event that the main suit becomes ruptured. - wound_protection = 0.5 - 1,250RU

Developer's CutEdit

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 1 Polycarbonate plates Polycarbonate plates can stop a pistol bullet, while weighing as little as a piece of ordinary plastic.
750 RU

Bulletproof cap +10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005 only)

1C IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 2 Self-sealing layer A self-repairing armour layer helps the armour to compensate for bullet impact.
1500 RU

Impact -20%

1D IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 4 Backup layer of protective plates An additional, internal layer of plates protects the user, if the external one is damaged.
1500 RU

Suit durability +15%

1E IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 3 Scale ceramic armour The Scale system consists of tens of ceramic plates on top of each other, to provide excellent protection, even after receiving damage from bullets or shrapnel.
3500 RU

Bulletproof cap +30%

2A IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 5 Lightweight, synthetic polymer materials To reduce the weight of the armour, fasteners and gaskets are replaced with ones made of lighter synthetic materials.
850 RU

Outfit weight -3.5 kg

Tools for rough work (v1.4005 only)

2C IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 6 Magnesium inserts Magnesium inserts protect from extremely high temperatures.
1500 RU

Burn +20%

2D IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 8 Sealed polyethylene lining Dense polyethylene lining protects from poisonous substances and electrical shock.
1500 RU
  • Electric shock +20%
  • Chemical burn +20%
2E IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 7 Impregnated fabric costume Impregnated fabric prevents the poisoning of the body with harmful chemicals.
3600 RU

Chemical burn +30%

2F IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 9 Rubberised fabric suit Rubber provides basic protection from short-term radiation exposure.
3600 RU +30%

3A IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 10 Oxygen cylinders Without oxygen cylinders, you can't survive for long in a polluted atmosphere, whether radioactive or chemical.
1050 RU
  • +10%
  • Chemical burn +10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005 only)

3C IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 13 Load bearing mounting system This mounting system allows you to evenly distribute the load over the entire body.
2300 RU

Additional weight +10 kg

3E IconArmourUpgrade Stalker outfit 11 "Custody" medical module A simple module for decontamination, tetanus prevention and stimulant injection. It is rather primitive, but doesn't leave lasting lacerations from its injections.
5000 RU

Health regeneration +2


  • The v1.3003 gamefiles specify a 5.0kg version of this suit with slightly reduced burn, strike and wound characteristics for a base price of 13,000RU.
  • Presumably this is the 'Sunrise Suit' that appeared in the retail game.
  • If the player wears no armor at all, this will become the players in game suit for third-person. While the inventory icon shows the wool sweater.
  • Can be bought from Barkeep and Ugrymiy.