Strelok's Hideout
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Strelok's Hideout is a minor location within the Agroprom Underground in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Overview Edit

  • This small location is almost identical to its retail counterpart except for the way you enter the room (through the door and not the vent).
  • Numerous shelves of loot lay around and general living space props.
  • The player no longer finds Strelok's flash drive in here. Instead it has been replaced by the Novel "Deep Darkness", containing a cryptic hint regarding the flash drive's location.
  • The small hut outside Research Institute: North contains a shortcut entrance to the hideout which is found right at the bottom of the staircase.

Storyline Edit

  • The player is given information to come here to find some clues about his past.
  • On the back wall behind a shelving unit, there is a Novel "Deep Darkness".
  • Upon picking up the book, another clue is given as to the whereabouts of Strelok's flash drive, located in a nearby air-vent in a separate room.
  • The task of getting out alive back through the tunnels then begins.

Side Missions Edit

  • No side missions take place at this location (only the main mission chain)

Notable Loot Edit

Notes Edit

  • It is advisable to close the door upon entering this location as there is an entrance to the underground located above it and the military will walk down.
  • The Leftovers of a hunt stash can be found right outside Strelok's Hideout door (on the wall to the left, located inside the S bend pipe.

Gallery Edit

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