The TRs 301 is an assault rifle that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

A light rifle with an effective fire range of up to 300 meters. Due its to exceptionally easy triggering, high ergonomics and low weight, the weapon is highly accurate, though it is too sensitive to dirt and is not always suitable for use under difficult field conditions.
- Inventory description

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These are the easily obtained instances, early in the game. Several placements might be found in stashes, but the coordinates for these stashes are frequently storyline dependent.

Upgrades Edit

Level 1 upgrades. Edit

Stop drive:

  • Price: 3000 RU
  • A synthetic part installed behind the end of the step slide compresses it to increase accuracy.
    • Accuracy: +17%

Forced cooling:

  • Price: 3000 RU
  • A slide that directs the flow of air through the rifling to cool the weapon.
    • Rate of fire: +23%

Level 2 upgrades. Edit

Balancing parts:

  • Price: 3000 RU
  • Polymer parts which rigidly fix spring trajectory, reducing the sway.
    • Accuracy: +14%

Rollback moderator:

  • Price: 3000 RU
  • Special slide parts compensate the movement of the slide, reducing recoil.
    • Recoil: +73%

Titanium spring return mechanism:

  • Price: 3720 RU
  • Titanium springs are much more efficient than steel ones,
    • Rate of fire: +3%

Integral slide:

  • Price: 3360 RU
  • This modification is not cheap, but it is certainly a future standard for next generation weapons.
    •  ?

Level 3 upgrades. Edit

Smoothing spray application:

  • Price: 3840
  • The spray smooth out minor flaws in weapon mechanics, significantly increasing muzzle velocity.
    • Accuracy: +9%

Ergonomically shaped receiver:

  • Price: 3840 RU
  • A more convenient shape of the grip makes handling the weapon more comfortable, especially when firing on the move.
    • Handling: +18%

Receiver counterforce rotator:

  • Price: 3600 RU
  • A counterforce rotator installed in the receiver reduces weapon recoil.
    • Recoil: +48%

Amortization of return mechanism:

  • Price: 3840 RU
  • Installing seals on the moving parts of the machinery will help to maximally stabilize the barrel when firing.
    • Handling: +14%

Duplicated guides and fighting springs:

  • Price: 3840 RU
  • A replacement of the basic return mechanism with a more powerful one, with two guiding rods and return springs, which grants an increase in the rate of fire.
    •  ?

Expanded magazine:

  • Price: 4200 RU
  • Change the standard magazines for larger ones.
    • Magazine: +10

Gas piston installation:

  • Price: 3600 RU
  • With the installation of a gas piston, gases crease to go back directly into the receiver, which noticeably reduces weapon wear.
    • Improves weapon's durability.

Impact-resistant polymer frame:

  • Price: 3780 RU
  • Replacing the base frame with a polymer one can reduce the mass of the weapon without compromising its reliability.
    • Weight: -0.70kg

Notes Edit

  • Can be equipped with the Silencer for 5.56 mm.
  • Does not need to be upgraded in order to use any of its attachments.

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