Talk to ghost at the cemetery is a storyline mission given in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and may conclude the game proper before the player proceeds to Freeplay.

Strelok... it was a long road to get to this point... you see all the changes around you? When the generators were disabled, all the harmful emissions disappeared. It caused the plants in this area to regenerate and become healthy again, actually I think nature will heal itself now... Even all the mutants have moved away from this place, they will all probably die without that energy feeding them, but who knows. I can't describe what all this means to me... we did it... we really did it!
- Ghost

Indeed, it was teamwork that got us here.. Doc, Fang, Guide... without them I am not sure we would've been able to finish what we started. Still hard to believe, but I still have strange feelings about all of this. What if this is just another facade by the Noospere? How can we be sure it won't happen again?
- Marked One

Time will tell... we can't worry about that now. We blew the generators up, the Zone is gone. Things should get better from here on out, you can already see the changes!
- Ghost

You are probably right... It's just... ah forget it. Anyway there is still a lot to do here, there will be a lot to clean up and repair now that the Zone is gone. What are your plans now?
- Marked One


  • The player, having triumphed over the "thing" in the War Lab, supposedly turns off the Kaymanov Generators, receives this mission segment and travels through a Teleport anomaly to an Unknown area.
  • There are no Mutants, Anomalies or even a map for this level so the player is limited to using the arrow on the minimap for navigation, or "dead-reckoning" if it is absent.


  • The heads up display (Tab) for the mission confusingly has the player assigned the task to Meet ghost at the cemetery in order to Talk to ghost at the cemetery at which point the quoted dialogues above take place and the player is spirited away to reawaken in Sidorovich's bunker for Freeplay.
  • Some pleasant music and a flyover of the level precede this and to all intents and purposes conclusion of the mission may be considered as a game ending.
  • However, as noted in Follow the signal if that mission has been triggered it will take precedence over Talk to ghost at the cemetery with the result that the above conversation is considerably abbreviated even as this mission is satisfied and concluded.
  • In this case the Talk to ghost at the cemetery mission could even be ignored but this will leave the task uppermost in the player's list during Freeplay which may be annoying.