The expedition is an optional side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha (v1.4000 onwards).

You can look everywhere. There are lots of facilities and laboratories. Let's do it that way, I'll send a group of researchers with you to explore the places where the documents may've been left. Besides it you'd have to take all the electronics you find: recording, measurement devices and etc. And when you return, I'll make the copies of the papers I have for you.
- Sakharov

Overview Edit

The mission is given by Sakharov.

The Find The Item side mission consists of numerous steps. After the completion of certain steps a new mission with the same name is created in the Tasks list.

In v1.4002 the mission is seriously bugged and very fragile in terms of breaking the mission by doing things in the wrong order.

Initial mission Edit

  1. Talk to Professor Pirozhenko.
  2. Talk to Professor Kuleshov.
  3. Talk to assistant.
  4. Get going to the first checkpoint.

Talk to Professor Pirozhenko Edit

  • The professor usually is waiting somewhere on the compound.
  • The "final mission" will appear

Talk to Professor Kuleshov Edit

  • This professor usually is waiting in one of the huts on the compound.

Talk to assistant Edit

  • The assistant is waiting in the frame used to airdrop the BTR on the compound.

Get going to the first checkpoint Edit

  • The three members of the expedition are waiting at the compound gate, talk to Professor Pirozhenko.
  • The "initial mission" finishes and the "first checkpoint" mission will appear

The "first checkpoint" mission Edit

  1. Get to the first checkpoint.
  2. Examine the first checkpoint.

Get to the first checkpoint Edit

Examine the first checkpoint Edit

The "second checkpoint" mission Edit

  1. Get to the second checkpoint.
  2. Investigate the situation.
  3. Examine the second checkpoint.
  4. Report to professor.

Get to the second checkpoint Edit

Investigate the situation Edit

  • The purpose of this task is unclear.

Examine the second checkpoint Edit

  • Talk to Professor Pirozhenko and check the house in the northeastern part of the compound.
  • Talk to Professor Pirozhenko again and check the hangar.
  • In the hangar you will find two important items:
    • another Old device a little concealed in the lower part of one of the lathes.
    • the third Old device sitting on the workbench.
  • While in the hangar you can also pick up two items for the Find the documents (Yantar) side mission:
    • the Report, item 4 in the side mission, lying on an old fuel tank.
    • the Papers, item 3 in the side mission, in the inventory of the dead scientist.

Report to professor Edit

  • Just do that and he will tell you some details for the next checkpoint.

The "third checkpoint" mission Edit

  1. Get to the third checkpoint.
  2. Examine the old warehouse.
  3. Get to a big hall. (1.4005+ only)
  4. Examine the hall.
  5. Examine the third checkpoint.
  6. Return to the base. (1.4005+ only)

Get to the third checkpoint Edit

Examine the old warehouse Edit

  • After the other members of the expedition have left you alone, go the upper floor of the Radar Station, find the elevator shaft, head downwards and continue to a chamber with wooden storage racks. On one of the racks, near the blue chest of the Chest within the old lab stash, is the fourth Old device.
  • v1.4002 only: due to a bug in this version the Old device is not in the chamber but at the surface.
    • It is lying on the ground between the nearby works car, the anomaly infested buildings above the (closed) entrance to the underground, and the outer wall of the Radar Station.
    • No need to pick it up immediately, just continue with the mission and remember to get it before you return to Sakharov. This will leave the task uncompleted but will not break the mission.
  • In the same chamber you can find two items for other missions:

Get to a big hall (1.4005+ only) Edit

  • Follow the pipes through the southern exit of the chamber into the tunnel until you come to the hangar or hall with a parked BTR.

Examine the hall Edit

Examine the third checkpoint Edit

Return to the base (1.4005+ only) Edit

The "final" mission Edit

  1. Finish the expedition.
  2. Talk to Sakharov.

Finish the expedition Edit

Talk to Sakharov Edit

  • Sakharov should then conclude the mission by taking the five pieces of hardware (the "devices") from the player, provide copies of the eight discovered Documents, and give the player a copy of his own files, Sakharov's documents ("yan_docs_part9_name") to complete the set required by Petrenko.
  • v1.4002 only: Sakharov considers the mission as not completed... and has no dialogue available. Workaround: (Hat-tip to ElMachor)
    • Kill one of The expedition party...
    • Clearly, this will have consequences detrimental to the player's standing.
    • (If effected from outside of Sakharov's Bunker perimeter these negative factors may be mitigated)
    • The mission "fails" and Sakharov has a dialogue to deal with this eventuality.
    • He also relieves the player of the "Old devices", provides the ninth document (Sakharov's documents) which completes the parallel Find the documents (Yantar) mission for Petrenko.

Notes Edit

  • Professor Kuleshov is marked on the map directly after accepting the mission, but he will only talk to you after you have talked to Professor Pirozhenko.
  • Whenever your expedition mates stop, talk to all of them until they all say "See you!" or something like that.
  • Do what they tell you to do, otherwise the mission flow might break and Professor Pirozhenko will not offer the dialog options to continue the mission. If that happens, a save and reload may help.
  • Make sure your whole party survives the expedition...

Trivia Edit

  • The expedition party take routes that may lead them into harms way (like Nimble) and it may play to the player's advantage to trim the local wildlife down to size between accepting the mission from Sakharov and rounding up the expedition proper.
  • Notable "easy kills" are the Fleshes by the first CP, the quiescent Zombies outside of the same location, the Boars to the south, the Blind Dog pack that the party will try to run through first; the Zombified Stalkers near to the Radar Station (along with any snork infestation)
  • The Zombie group that are the target of the Kill radar zombies. sidemission should be left alone where possible (if extant)

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