The Transistors is a quest item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

"box of transistors"
- Inventory description


  • This is one part of the item set that Alex requests that the player obtain for him during the Help the forgotten stalker trader that spawns as a consequence of conversation during an initial meeting.
  • The player may decline to assist the trader, in which event the mission will not be re-offered and reaching the Merc trader (Milo) will be problematic or even impossible without conflict.


  • The "transistors" are located in the Bandit village, in a generic basement inside the Map Construction Site in the middle of the Map. You cannot miss them because of the Zombies around. There are a lot of them.
  • With luck, the local bandits may be occupied by an incursion from some of those local zombies onto their turf and suitably distracted.
  • Player's easiest option is to just run into the hamlet, down into the basement, grab this item and beat a hasty retreat. If you can't beat bandits with shotguns or have not enough ammo.


  • The bandit group tend to use 12x76 Slug and 12x76 Dart ammo in decent shotguns. Providing them with a non-moving target is not cost effective.