From version 1.4005 Technicians require data for upgrading armor and weapons. The data are in form of flash drives or as txt documents in working computers (you need Xray PDA Downloads module to download them).

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upg_info_burst_3x_nm Edit

  • The Green House in Garbage where Bes and his team resides after the player takes out the sniper on the bridge is another data location. In the chimney of that house rests the upgrade flash drive of 3x burst mode for pistols. (In 1.1 Extended pack flash drive is in the table next to the rusty AK)

- PDA information, upgrades data

G36 (info_g36_upg)Edit

  • Upgrade data is a textfile download found in one of the Lab X7 computers. The PC also contains the "override_lock.txt" enlightered file.

Restoration system schematicsEdit

  • Is on a flashdrive in the Countryside tunnels. After reaching bottom of the elevator shaft and stepping in, above the player's head is a platform with a defective ladder. There is a flash drive located on the derelict control gear. The ladder is bugged in all versions of the game, but it is possible to get up using low crouch and a 'weave' at the top of the ladder. It's also possible to push out the flashdrive with grenades. If the trick with crouch and weave would not work, it's also possible to use the "ph_gravity x" console command (my suggestion is 4 as value for x) and simply jump up to the platform.

Schematics of generation B injectors that introduce a combat mix of dubious content into the bloodstream, improving tissue regeneration and removing pain
- PDA information, upgrades data

Internal thermal regulation system schematicsEdit

  • The endurance upgrade for armours is found in a flashdrive at the Derelict Military Outpost on Darkscape. A small group of mercenaries are camping out and most are usually taken out by surprise. The flash drive is on the roof.

Schematics of bodysuit ventilation system with a prevention filter. Suited for work in contaminated areas increasing endurance.
- PDA information, upgrades data

Life support systems schematicsEdit

  • Bleeding reduction upgrade for armours is in Sakharov's Bunker, in the working computer behind the door indicated in the gallery.

Schematics of an integrated system that monitors the wearer's health and introduces coagulation agent into the bloodstream.
- PDA information, upgrades data

upg_info_pistol_auto_nm (Automatic mode for pistols - Beretta and USP) Edit

  • (Note that the naming is buggy in v1.4005)

- PDA information, upgrades data


  • Located in X2 lab assistant's computer with the "2345" scanner code.
  • (Note that the naming is buggy in v1.4005)

- PDA information, upgrades data
  • FN2000 upgrade flash in hotel room 26 of the Pripyat Hotel. (NB the redlink is intentional - clicking through will generate the page)

Записи профессора ПироженкоEdit

(Detector range u/g)
  • Completion of The expedition appears to get the player this useful detector related upgrade info. Whether the information is gained by collection of a flashdrive or as a 'silent reward' from Pirozhenko is unclear.

Вот, собрал для тебя. Здесь мои чертежи и схемы, конспекты и в целом мои мысли по поводу систем обнаружения артефактов. Толковый механик сможет разобраться и сделать хороший апгрейд твоего детектора. Не благодари.
- PDA information, upgrades data
  1. (NB This is what the player receives in the English version of the game.

Hydraulic Boosters Edit

Servomotor boosters for Exoskeleton

  • Can be found as text file in MadDog PC by Army Warehouses
  • allows player to upgrade Exoskeleton with possibility to sprint

Данные о замерах аномальных полейEdit

(Data on measurements of anomalous fields)

Десятки страниц с данными о замерах различнейших аномальных полей, а так же источников радиации и пси-излучения. Последние четыре страницы посвящены чертежам и способам усиления костюмов от аномальной активности. Ценнейшая находка для любого механика.
- PDA information, upgrades data

NB This is what the player receives in the English version of the game. Translation: Dozens of pages with data on measurements of various anomalous fields, as well as sources of radiation and psy-radiation. The last four pages are devoted to drawings and ways to enhance costumes from abnormal activity. A valuable find for any mechanic.

Auto-capture targets in the sight Edit

(Automatic Lock-on System)

Becomes available after the "Destroy the Helis" task.[Fact?]

 (Not verified. Definitely not given as a reward for completing Destroy the heli's.)