This was the least of it:


"Duude.., get off my car.."

As if a first drive in the Countryside isn't fraught enough...

At X16 there was considerable interest in sponsoring the bath-house annex..


"Duuuude.., wake me up!! already..

Just can't have sprites behaving like this - even in a post-apocalyptic hybrid game.

Get a room already guys..

Later, on the way back, Doing one of those covert night-drives with crappy lights through dodgy neighbourhoods - another bonnet ornament:


..Aaawww duude, I'm tired, low on juice, short on bullets.. just fall off and die already.

Which he very obligingly did, just in front of his pals' house. At least he had the good manners not to fall off under the wheels as that could have rolled the wheels. Embarrassing.

Different day, a different New Game; day four on Darkscape (well I've been BUSY nicking Sniper rifle SVDm-2, SVUmk2s and popping MadDog in the process.


You might think that basic training would instill a basic awareness about road discipline. They even gave this aspiring sprog a fine Soldier suit which is pretty good on the Bulletproof stakes.

Unfortunately, not "Car-proof", whereas the car is "soldier resistant". (I had to carry this freeloader from the Bridge almost to the DV gate. Stuck on like a bug. Pigs and Bandits are easy to shift, not this one - tried THREE emergency stops and seriously thought I was taking him into the Level changer afterlife... but he DID eventually fall into a Witches' Jelly pool.

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