Well, actually, title is a big sarcasm on my part. Plenty of Forest was not calm at all.

I had made a stash with loot that overburdened me in Dark Dolina on my way out from Monolith Factory because I did not want to take the car, as it would trigger helicopter assault. But, strapped for cash after repairs/upgrades, this loot came in much handy in the end. However on one such looting trip (I was cheating by using jump_to_level), I decided Forest would be interesting to explore. Now, bear in mind, word "interesting" often takes many meanings. It can be good bad indifferent, and Forest is definitely interesting place.

Actually, anomalies and asailants aside, Forest map if one follows the road very much reminds of roads through Belarus where no people live, and if not for those mentioned things it would be beautiful place to visit when the sun is shining.

First thing of note, as I am post this for noobs like me who have not travelled Lost Alpha maps too much yet, this road not good for driving, as anomalies alone are EVERYWHERE. Often, I only followed road, so I can not attest to "off-roading" vehicle travel too much, but it appeared not to be conducive either. Road many times has sharp turns, obstacles (such as derelict buses), and steep gulches off one or both side. Viewing forest from the road, I often saw clusters of gravity anomalies, and terrain is rolling and many hills, so even without trees in the way it is not good for vehicles even with all-terrain capabilities.

Foolishly, I not take pictures except PDA map after I done marking it when I was safely back at the Bar. But I done plenty of marking on it. PLEASE NOTE, that I have almost died many times collecting this info, and now am sharing with you so you not in as much danger if you traverse Forest yourself someday. I did my best to mark anomalies, radiation, mutant hot-spots and notable areas on PDA map, and took screenshots, which labled and posted here also.

Important thing to remember, is that often markers are not exact for various reasons. Sometimes, they off by a little, and sometimes by a lot. Anywhere there are multiple markers close to each other, basically they are all off because it impossible to get them any closer together. Stalkers who have used map marker feature will understand this problem; even so, much apologies for slightly inaccurate markings. Regard them as general estimates, as many anomaly fields maked off the road were observed from a distance.

A general list for quick referencing of these maps:

  • Small/Medium Grey Circles: Lone anomaly, small anomaly field or medium anomaly field.
  • Large Grey Circles: Large anomaly field, radiation field, mutant hot-spot, or some combination of those.
  • Green "Target": Notable location.
  • Stash Icon: Where Vadik dropped loot that he could not carry :D

And now, here the maps:

График 1

Part One (South)

График 2

Part Two (Central)

График 3

Part Three (North)

And list of locations on maps. If picture expanded, you can see the numbers.
  1. Large Anomaly Field
  2. Medium Anomaly Field
  3. Small Anomaly Field
  4. Small Anomaly Field
  5. Radiation
  6. Large Anomaly Field
  7. Small Anomaly Field
  8. Small Anomaly Field
  9. Medium Anomaly Field
  10. Medium Anomaly Field
  11. Large Anomaly Field
  12. Large Anomaly Field/Radiation/Mutant Hot-Spot
  13. Small Anomaly Field
  14. Small Anomaly Field
  15. Small Anomaly Field
  16. Small Anomaly Field
  17. Large Anomaly Field
  18. Medium Anomaly Field
  19. Large Anomaly Field/Radiation
  20. Vadik's Stash :)
  21. Entrance to Railway Tunnel
  22. Bandit Camp
  23. Anomaly
  24. Anomaly
  25. Small Anomaly Field
  26. Small Anomaly Field
  27. Anomaly
  28. Medium Anomaly Field
  29. Medium Anomaly Field
  30. Zombified Stalker Village
  31. Medium Anomaly Field
  32. Medium Anomaly Field
  33. Electro Oasis
  34. Medium Anomaly Field
  35. Large Anomaly Field/Radiation
  36. Mutant Hot-Spot
  37. Medium Anomaly Field
  38. Medium Anomaly Field
  39. Small Anomaly Field
  40. Small Anomaly Field/Radiation
  41. Anomaly
  42. Anomaly
  43. Medium Anomaly Field
  44. Mutant Hot-Spot
  45. Radiation
  46. Anomaly
  47. Anomaly
  48. Anomaly
  49. Anomaly
  50. Small Anomaly Field
  51. Medium Anomaly Field
  52. Anomaly
  53. Anomaly
  54. Small Anomaly Field
  55. Large Anomaly Field
  56. Large Anomaly Field
  57. Medium Anomaly Field
  58. Empty Checkpoint
  59. Small Anomaly Field/Mutant Hot-Spot
  60. Duty Checkpoint

One last note: "small", "medium", "large" for anomaly fields is relative terms. Single anomaly, is only marked as Anomaly. "Small" field is 2-3. "Medium" field is 3-5. "Large" field is 5+ or cluster that is spread out.

I know, this pretty long for a blog. But I just wanted put it out there for other noobs, so they can stay out of danger.

Good Hunting Stalkers!


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