The weapon: Vesic's rifle, is a quest item appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

"Vesic's rifle"
- Inventory description



  • Not resalable to anyone nor is it upgradeable. Undroppable, in common with many quest items.
  • It will fire both types of grenade and all types of 9x39mm ammunition.
  • It also has a scripted ammo limit value of "210" being the theoretical number of shots that it will fire before it degrades by 100%.
  • It will fire many many more than this.
  • The retrieval mission itself is a storyline mission.


  • If player is a Duty faction member, with the corresponding neutral (non-hostile) stance towards the Military, then there is no introductory dialogue at the Science Bunker in Yantar with the guards. Because of this shortcoming, the player may come and go freely but when the "Groza Dude" appears, the guards may well open fire on him when the player enters his operational radius.
  • Solution: kill the guards.