Got a job for you, Marked One...
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WC Island map
Only the Brave May Pass
The item has no visible form
General Characteristics

PDA Info




2000 Ru


Only the brave shall pass!
- PDA information


  • The information is part of the contents of a stash called Eye of the storm located in Forest.
  • The coordinates for the stash may only be obtained from Snitch and cost 2000 Ru.
  • The item itself is invisible, occupying two inventory slots in the stash flanked by a hand weapon and some ammunition.
  • Acquisition of the item will spawn the Leap of faith stash in Countryside.
  • The information may be referenced in the player's PDA in the "Personal note" section of the "Log".


  • Due to its location, the player may wish to visit the area at night.
  • Since Snitch is removed from the game after the Mercenary raid, there is a time limit for obtaining the initial information.

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