The Walker P9m is a pistol that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

An excellent pistol. Highly reliable with a high capacity magazine and a good fire accuracy, especially in the case of the model designed for the 9mm FMJ round.
- Inventory description

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Walker P9m base stats

Base Stats

Upgrades Edit

Level 1 upgrades. Edit

Double action trigger:

  • Price: 360 RU
  • The trigger is automatically cocking the weapon, increasing accuracy.
    • Accuracy: +38%

Sinusoidal rifling:

  • Price: 360 RU
  • Sinusoidal rifling can improve its cooling and increase the rate without losing the muzzle velocity tractors flying bullets.
    • Rate of fire: -0%

Level 2 upgrades. Edit

More mobile slide:

  • Price: 360 RU
  • Extending the course of the slide and strengthening the retracting mechanism, makes it possible affect bullet trajectory.
    • Accuracy: +6%

Chromed insides:

  • Price: 336 RU
  • Chromium helps improve durability of the barrel of the weapon.
    • Improves weapon's durability.

Three round burst mode:

  • Price: 576 RU
  • Revamped internal mechanics allow for three round burst mode.
    • Gives the weapon 3 shot burst mode.
    • Rate of fire: +22%
    • Recoil: -2%

External barrel threads:

  • Price 516 RU
  • External threads permit the installation of a silencer.
    • Weapon can be given a Silencer attachment.

Level 3 upgrades. Edit

Modular firing mechanism:

  • Price: 462 RU
  • Modular firing mechanism ensures easy maintenance and replacement parts, as well as greater convenience in the use of arms.
    •  ?

Polymer buffer compensator:

  • Price: 432 RU
  • A small polymer buffer distributes a part of the recoil
    • Recoil: -26%

Padded grip:

  • Price: 408 RU
  • A padded grip makes recoil less tangible.
    • Recoil: -26%

Titanium receiver:

  • Price: 408 RU
  • An almost indestructible receiver allows the weapon to serve much longer.
    • Improves weapon's durability.

Mobile slide segment:

  • Price: 684 RU
  • A new slide segment provides increased rate of fire, without overloading other parts of the weapon.
    • Rate of fire: +7%

Longer barrel:

  • Price: 600 RU
  • By replacing the standard barrel with a longer one, growing flat trajectory bullets.
    •  ?

Pneumatic mechanism:

  • Price: 552 RU
  • A pneumatic mechanism can alter the barrel's mechanism, increasing muzzle velocity.
    •  ?

Grip with straightened rear:

  • Price: 552 RU
  • A more ergonomically shaped grip with a modified rear.
    • Handling: -3%

Notes Edit

  • The weapon must be upgraded before it can use a Silencer attachment.

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