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X10(Lost Alpha) is a major location appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone Mod.


X10 Mission components:

Reach the bunkerEdit

  • By this entrance [1]
  • Enter the X10 Lab [2]

Disable security systemEdit

  • Turn off security lock 1 [3]
  • Turn off security lock 2 [4]

Disable psy-emittersEdit

  • Find and enter the door code [5]
  • Turn off psy-emitters 1,2,3 & 4 [6]

Meet with VoroninEdit

  • Upon reaching and entering the X10 facility, two security locks need to be located and deactivated (in either order), the door code retrieved from the dead scientist to gain access to the psy-emitter room where the four emitters need to be deactivated. Once done, the main components of the mission have been completed.
  • The only task remaining is meeting with Voronin in Chernobyl.

Locations Edit


(Observations by Skaraks) -
  • As there are only mutants (no live faction members) present in the facility to defend against, consider carrying a weapon for which you have an abundance of ammunition.
    • Went in the first time carrying a SPAS-14 (w/100 mixed rounds) and a AKM 74/2 assault rifle (w/300 rounds mixed AP & standard) and in retrospect feel the choice wasted ammo that could be better used engaging armored enemy.
    • Reran the missions with a SPAS-14 (w/100 mixed rounds) and a Viper 5 (w/400 rounds of 9x19mm FMJ). Will use the SPAS was used to take down the two Burers, the Viper handled the rest.
  • If limited in choice of weapons and stuck between a choosing 5.56x39 or 5.56x45, the 120 rounds of 5.56x45 AP found in the storeroom might assist in making the decision.
(Observations by Byte Me)
  • Played through in a SSP-99M suit with second gen Night vision, an Akm 74/2 tuned for accuracy with 100 5.45x39 mm rounds, an HPSS-1m with extended mag and weight reduction with 400 9x19mm FMJ, and a Knife. Had a spare HPSS-1m as b/u.
    • Drew out the first wave of Rats and picked them off from the desktop near the entrance.
    • Played "pistol then knife in the face" with the Zombies and the basement Burer, headshotted the Rodents, sniped the Snorks, ran from the Izlom and picked off lone rats with either pistol or knife.
    • Sniped the other Burers from cover.
    • Looted the storeroom to the car outside.
    • Changed pistols and Disabled the psy-emitters after looting the other scientist.
    • In retrospect, would have liked to lob in three or four F1 Grenades to upset the Burer pair, but might have had them 'thrown back'.


  • However the level is played, it is advisable not to shoot the Pyrogeist that spawns after the Brain Scorcher is deactivated. Doing so will trigger a 90 second countdown timer until "reactor core meltdown" occurs.
  • Leaving the level will only interrupt the timer and it will resume its countdown as soon as the level is revisited.
  • Countdown expiry will, of course, result in 'player expiry' too.
  • Considering that there is a large mass of quite useful loot in the basement storeroom, this will not be available if it has not already been relocated.

Notable lootEdit

Storeroom contents:
  • A Snork foot may be found in a packing case under one set of stairs.


  • The control room door needs to be wedged open either by using a gurney table, or one of the several barrels in the vicinity. Otherwise, the door will close on the player preventing later progress.
  • Secondary visits to X10 will find that some mutants have respawned but these are limited to just rats, zombies, and the Snork pair. None of the Burers or the Izlom respawn.
  • The undocumented code for the Basement Storeroom is 1234.
  • Mutant body parts are generally random spawns.