X14 Gate Key is a quest item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

- PDA description


  • The key that opens the gate to X14 is obtained from Petrenko back at the Bar.
  • As part of the Access the lab and kill the bloodsuckers Mission leg, Dima briefs the player about X14 and the player is supposed to run from Rostok Factory and "Get the key from Petrenko" as the first leg of the mission.
  • Since the player is already in the general area, access to the lab may be achieved 'over the rooftops' circumventing the need for the key.
  • One downside of this is that since the the key will then probably not be used, it will be part of the player's luggage, but at 0.01kg this is pretty trivial.


  • It is possible to complete the game and not visit Rostok Factory or be tasked with either of the above-mentioned storyline missions.
  • If, as a Duty faction member, the player performs partially successfully during the third Voronin mission that takes the player to Construction Site, then Voronin is unlikely to send the player here.
  • Since the player by definition is also on the outs with Sin there will be no chance of obtaining a mission leg that sends the player to Rostok Factory either.
  • If the location is visited subsequent to Freeplay, or probably after Petrenko has become trader at the 100 Rads Bar; all of the missions will be issued in the proper sequence and the various dialogues played out, but the gate key is unobtainable from Petrenko.
  • Furthermore, the total of +500 relation points that the player could earn to improve 'Duty relations' by completing these missions, are credited as +50 points only.
  • Obviously, the above scenario will require a run over the rooftops to get into the Secret Lab.