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Yantar underground is a minor location below Yantar in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Overview Edit

  • Its entrance is in the vicinity of the Ecologist's bunker, in the middle of the crater with the Burner anomalies.
  • An alternative entrance can be found on the second floor of the Radar Station in the anomaly infested elevator shaft.
  • It spreads out almost under the whole area.
  • The ladder leads to a wide tunnel, which connects to an underground train station with a train and some train cars holding wooden crates.
  • Both end of the station are collapsed, however there are other tunnels leading in different directions:
    • The tunnel across the station leads into the basement area of the Abandoned military outpost. Here is located the second entrance of the pipeline tunnel.
    • The right side end of the station gives place to the first entrance of the pipeline tunnel.
  • Two Zombies and a Ghost Zombie occupy the far platform of the station, but frequently end up in the camp fire.
  • The pipeline tunnel leads to a storage room from where two doors can be opened:
    • On the right 5 Zombies await the player, the short hallway will lead to a former office room inhabited by around 7 Bloodsuckers. At the end a small room can be found with a giant radioactive brain.
    • On the left another hallway leads to the Radar station basement.

Storyline Edit

Side Missions Edit

  • Near the underground entrance can be found a rookie stalker named Oleg Rugov and he will ask the player to Retrieve the lost rifle. He rewards the player with a SEVA Suit in return for his rifle. The rifle can be found in the last room of the underground area, past all mutants.

Notable loot Edit

  • A Green Parasite can be found in the train station.
  • In the fourth car wagon, a wooden box contains 2x 5.45x39mm BP rounds and 4x 12x76 Dart rounds.
  • 1x Medkit and 1x Rat Pie underneath the bottom of the stairs when entering/exiting via the Radar Station.
  • 1x (1.4007) SGI 5k of perfect condition inside of a derelict BTR, directly below the Yantar Military Stores

Notes Edit

  • The train station is not well lit, do not venture down without a full flashlight and/or battery reserves.
  • Entering the pipeline tunnel from the first entrance point is not advised without proper anti-radiation protection.
  • In the Radar Station basement there is a lift shaft; approaching it with low protection may result in quick death due to strong Springboard anomaly.
  • The Bloodsuckers from the office room may be avoided if the player accepts the side mission taking place here.
  • Be careful when exiting via the entry point in the crater, a group of zombified stalkers will spawn around the top of the ladder (some may fall through the hole) (v1.4002+)

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