You're dreaming, follow your dream is a storyline task that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • There is no mission briefing for this task. It is inherited on completion of the preceding task, Find the emitters.
  • The mission plays through as a dream with the player having minimal control over the player's actor; no access to inventory nor the use of Night vision.
  • Within the "dream", Turn on brain power-station is spawned and involves the player activating the Miracle Machine.
  • The catastrophic consequences of this nested mission also play out in the "dream", with the player partially waking towards the end of the sequence.


  • The player is under no threat until the mission is concluded, at which point there is minimal time available to change batteries, eat, drink or sleep, so this needs attention before completing the preceding Find the emitters. task.
  • The player will need to meet up with a "dream guide" ostensibly named 'Boris Maslenikov', who will lead the player up to the main control room for further instruction.
  • For the purposes of this "dream" flashback, the player's actor is addressed as 'Gordon Streeman'...
  • Some flexibility exists for the player within this "dream space"; other scientists may be approached and they will volunteer information, either directly or via PDA contact. Talking directly is not possible.
  • 'Boris Maslenikov' tends to wait for the player during such digressions.
  • In the control room introduction is made to the chief scientist who issues the player with the Turn on brain power-station nested task.
  • The player fully wakes in a laboratory workshop above the main control room and the original mission concludes, with the subsequent Disable psy-brain power supply task spawning shortly afterwards.


  • The peaceful part of the dream.
  • The Turn on brain power-station mission spawns and is concluded.
  • Which results in the expected havoc, with travel paths disrupted or blocked, your "dream" turns to "nightmare" and ends on waking upstairs.


  • There is a PDA close to where the player wakes which should be recovered quickly before proceeding.