The Zombie Hamlet is a minor location found in Forest in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Overview Edit

  • Located well east of the Bandit Mine.
  • A small gathering of derelict houses and out buildings in a hollow.
  • This area is full of anomalies.

Storyline Edit

  • No main mission chains have been discovered for this location.

Side Missions Edit

Notes Edit

  • There are stash locations in the hamlet which may appear by searching fallen enemies, however with the exception of Eye of the storm elsewhere on the level, there are no conditions defined for obtaining the coordinates to these stashes (v1.3003)


  • There is a Ghost suit inside a packing case in the attic of one house, which usually falls through the attic floor when the case is opened. The house is towards the west end of the hamlet and has an outside ladder to access the loft.
  • With reference to the location map, the elongated dark strip to the east of the village is a lake occupied by Swampbeast.

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